Stay connected to changes in domestic and global markets. Track price movements and risk exposure levels. Follow world-wide financial news, and gain valuable insights from leading financial experts.

+ Market Overview
Follow global markets and U.S. industry sectors in a single view. Monitor price and risk adjustments by index.
+ Financial News
Access the latest financial developments. Retrieve stories from archives of global economic events.

Investment success begins with thorough research. Access the information you need to analyze and evaluate securities using world-class risk, fundamental, technical and correlational analytics.

+ Symbol Search
Look up quotes, historical prices, intraday charts and fundamental reference data on over 1,400 ETF's. Sort by asset class, issuer, etc.
+ Security Analyzer
Examine ETF research with innovative risk metrics. Visualize dynamic fundamental data and technical charts with real-time correlations.
+ Rankings
Sort and rank securities by risk, returns, risk-return ratios, volume and key fundamental metrics.
Strategy Builder
Create winning investment strategies using superior analytics and advanced screening tools. Identify, sort and rank securities for optimal selection. Complete each investment strategy by "optimizing" with a leading asset allocation model.

Build your strategies using a simple 3-step process:

+ Universe Constraints - Step 1
Refine investment choices by asset class, leverage, inverse and legal structure. Select a portfolio rebalancing frequency; monthly, quarterly or annually.
+ Strategy Filters - Step 2
Screen securities to identify and select the best in fundamental and technical analysis, risk and sample-statistics.
+ Asset Allocation - Step 3
Choose a risk tolerance level ranging from conservative to aggressive. Select from one of five asset allocation models to optimize your strategy.

Note: PortfolioMason does not offer trade execution. Trades should be transacted through an authorized broker/dealer or execution firm.

Portfolio Optimizer
Choose from a select menu of acknowledged asset allocation models influenced by Nobel Prize winners in Economics. See side-by-side historical performance comparisons for each model. Apply a model to generate your final portfolio allocation.
+ Dynamic Portfolio Optimization (DPO)
Developed in 2005, DPO applies the latest in mathematical advancements to traditional allocation models. The DPO model is superior at measuring risk & correlation and modeling target returns. The DPO model dynamically adapts to changes in market conditions.
+ Fama-French Factor (FF)
The FF model (circa 1992) improves upon MPT and CAPM by introducing factors believed to improve long-term performance. These factors include: Size (market capitalization), Beta (risk performance) and Value (lower P/E, higher dividends).
+ Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT)
The APT model advances MPT and CAPM by introducing macro-economic factors designed to improve a financial asset's forecasted returns and future performance. APT was introduced in 1986.
+ Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)
Also known as the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), MPT combines risk, return and correlation metrics to enhance risk-adjusted returns. MPT was introduced in 1952, and later improved with CAPM in 1961.
+ Equally Weighted (EQW)
Equally-weighted portfolios distribute an equal monetary allocation to each security within the basket of portfolio holdings. EQW is the oldest and least sophisticated approach to asset allocation.
Dynamic Portfolio OptimizationTM
PortfolioMason's proprietary DPO model combines powerful new formulas that more accurately estimate risk, return and correlation; the fundamental components of asset allocation.

Traditional models work like a Farmers Almanac, by evaluating decades of performance averaged over extended periods of time. DPO works like Doppler Radar, using more current data and advanced algorithms to produce a better forecast of future results.
+ Expected Shortfall (ES 1%)
Commonly referred to as 'tail-risk', Expected Shortfall is the loss you would expect in a security every 1 in 100 days (1%). Unlike Value-at-Risk (VaR), ES incorporates non-normal distributions to better capture tail-loss during extreme events. ES also uses GARCH features to adjust to current market activity. The creators of GARCH (Granger & Engle) won the Nobel-Prize in Economic Sciences in 2003.
+ Dynamic Conditional Correlation (DCC)
Linear correlation uses a single number to represent the inter-relationship in price behavior between two assets. This statistical measure ignores the rise in correlation during volatile market days, and how correlations change over time. DCC better manages the variability in price relationships by introducing Nobel Prize winning GARCH features and incorporating non-normality to its distribution models. The result, DCC provides a more real-time, accurate model of correlation.
+ Kendall Rank Order System
DPO uses a complex algorithm based on the 'Kendall coefficient of rank correlation' (introduced in 2001) to optimize portfolios. MPT, and most other conventional allocation models, still rely on the basic correlation matrix created in the 1950's.
Markets are dynamic. Recognizing changes that may impact performance is essential to success. Set and receive daily notifications when securities and portfolios reach critical thresholds. Choose from a broad range of quantitative and qualitative factors; including fundamental data, risk tolerance levels and technical indicators.
+ Risk Alerts
Manage the risk of individual securities based on expected shortfall (tail-risk), standard deviation, beta and expected returns. Compare current risk levels from the prior month. Set and monitor your risk exposure on individual securities.
+ Fundamental Alerts
Review fundamental indicators such as P/E, P/S, P/B, or other custom inputs. Set alerts to be notified when violations occur in one or more fundamental indicators.
+ Technical Alerts
Observe the technical price behavior of securities using relative strength, Williams %R, stochastics, or other custom views. Set alerts to know when technical support and resistance levels are violated.
+ Risk/Reward Alerts
Modern risk metrics like the Omega, Rachev and STARR ratios have replaced more antiquated indicators like the Sharpe, Sortino and Treynor ratios. These newer indicators are superior at measuring tail risk and adapting to market changes. Set alerts to be informed when asset and portfolio risks change.
+ Strategy Alerts
Set alerts related to your strategy constraints and be notified when thresholds are triggered.
+ Custom Alerts
Customize your alerts using any set of inputs; fundamental, technical, risk or sample-statistics.
Examine portfolio composition to ensure continued alignment with stated investment objectives. Evaluate current sector and fund universe constraints. Analyze current and historical risk levels, and asset mixes.
+ Summary Report
View your strategy information, filter criteria, security and universe constraints. Filter results for each portfolio strategy.
+ Allocation Report
Review your allocation settings, constraints, security holdings and historical allocation changes using charts and related visuals.
My Portfolio
Obtain fast, easy access to information about your securities, strategies and portfolios. Create custom views, add and edit alerts and track securities. Build or adjust your strategies. Monitor and rebalance your portfolios. Run key metrics and performance reports.

With My Portfolio, you can create, edit and manage these core features:
  • My Alerts
  • My Reports
  • My Favorites
  • My Strategies
  • My Portfolios
Education & Training
Watch our step-by-step tutorials to unlock the complete PortfolioMason advantage. Learn how to research securities, build strategies, optimize portfolios and set alerts. Construct intelligent portfolio strategies to achieve improved results.

Want to become a better, smarter investor? Need continuing education to maintain a financial or professional license? PortfolioMason also offers an array of financial trainings, content and resources, tailored to your needs:
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Webinars
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Onsite Trainings
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • Special Events
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Branding, Design, Hosting & Solutions
Looking for ways to better serve your financial partners, advisors and customers? Want to differentiate or add value to your web presence? PortfolioMason provides a variety of custom web solutions including: branding, web design, content hosting and cross-platform integration.

Select the features you want. PortfolioMason will host a new site with the look and feel of your company, running our technology on the backend.

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